Stratos Partners With Artizyou to Decentralize Intellectual Property

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3 min readFeb 19, 2024

Great news for digital creators, artists and IP owners! Stratos and Artizyou have joined forces to protect your work better and make it more decentralized. This collaboration is set to empower digital creators, artists, and proprietors, ushering in a new era of intellectual property protection and decentralized infrastructure.

At the forefront of the NFT economy, Artizyou introduces an advanced protocol designed to protect and tokenize intellectual property. This protocol addresses the pressing needs of digital creators by offering a robust framework for security, scalability, and flexibility. Artizyou’s commitment to providing essential tools for navigating the dynamic digital landscape is evident in its innovative approach to intellectual property protection.

On the other side of this groundbreaking partnership is Stratos, which offers the first fully decentralized high-performance storage, revolutionizing the web3 ecosystem. With its unique hybrid cloud model, Stratos provides 3-layer decentralized technology without compromising on speed or reliability, positioning itself as a key player in the evolution of web3 infrastructure. Stratos brings to this partnership a commitment to decentralization and high-performance storage, laying the foundation for a new era in IP digital protection and monetization.

The collaboration between Artizyou and Stratos enables users and creators to leverage Stratos’ decentralized storage for enhanced intellectual property protection. Beyond bolstered security, we work together to grant creators unprecedented control over their digital assets. This partnership will commence with the following actions:

1. Transition to Stratos for Enhanced Decentralized Hosting:

Initiate a pilot project to migrate our platform’s hosting from AWS to Stratos, emphasizing the technical benefits such as improved data sovereignty, enhanced security through decentralized data storage, and reduced reliance on centralized cloud providers. Utilize Stratos’s distributed storage capabilities to showcase a scalable and efficient solution for managing customer data.

2. Empowering Communities with Stratos-Powered Free IP Management:

Implement Stratos’ decentralized computing resources to offer a groundbreaking, cost-free IP management service via Highlight the integration of Stratos’ smart contract platform for automating IP registrations and transactions, thereby reducing operational costs and passing these savings onto our users. This will not only expand our service offerings but also strengthen user trust and community engagement through transparent and secure IP management processes.

3. Streamlining IP Certification with Stratos’s Ecosystem:

Leverage Stratos’ decentralized services to refine the IP certification workflow, incorporating its blockchain for immutable record-keeping and smart contracts for automated verification and certification processes. Explore the use of Stratos’ DataMesh for efficient data sharing and validation among stakeholders, ensuring a seamless and transparent IP certification experience for users.

As Stratos and Artizyou lead the charge in shaping the future of intellectual property protection in the digital age, stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this transformative partnership.

About Stratos:

Stratos is building the next-generation decentralized cloud that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network all in one. Stratos strives to become the most solid cornerstone of the new era of decentralization, to power Dapps with a reliable and fully decentralized foundation. Stratos’s unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus rewards network participants and contributors with network traffic.

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