Stratos & Nettensor: Revolutionizing AI with Decentralized AppChain

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2 min readApr 8, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Stratos and Nettensor, uniting two leading innovators at the forefront of AI infrastructure and blockchain integration.

Nettensor’s mission is to simplify and elevate the convergence of AI infrastructure with blockchain technology. Nettensor is redefining the blockchain landscape with an integrated Aggregated Modular Blockchain system, offering the agility of Layer 1 and the scalability of Layer 2. Their Bittensor AppChain unlocks new possibilities in AI DeFi, allowing for sophisticated optimization of yields on real-world assets. With their DePIN solutions, they’re crafting a blockchain environment that accelerates growth and also fosters seamless integration and usability. Nettensor’s commitment is to provide a robust and versatile infrastructure that enables seamless adoption and maximizes value for all users.

Stratos, with its steadfast commitment and proactive approach to empowering AI projects with unparalleled decentralized infrastructure, brings its expertise in decentralized storage solutions to enhance Nettensor’s AppChain. Stratos’s successful partnership with Tensorage, a subnet of Bittensor, will bring useful experience to our collaboration. This collaboration aims to significantly improve the development and performance of AppChain, ensuring secure and efficient data management for AI applications. Together, we look forward to driving innovation and growth in the decentralized AI and blockchain space.

Our partnership plans and actions with Nettensor involve initiating cross-promotion activities to showcase Stratos’ innovative initiatives within their community through social platforms. By leveraging Stratos’ robust decentralized storage capabilities, we aim to significantly enhance the development and performance of Nettensor’s AppChain, ensuring secure and efficient data management for AI applications.

We are excited about the possibilities and exposure this collaboration brings and look forward to continuing to drive innovation and growth in the decentralized AI and blockchain space together.

About Stratos:

Stratos is building the next-generation decentralised cloud that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network all in one. Stratos strives to become the most solid cornerstone of the new era of decentralisation, to power Dapps with a reliable and fully decentralised foundation. Stratos’ unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus rewards network participants and contributors with network traffic.

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