Stratos Monthly Report — May 2024

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2 min readMay 31, 2024


This month, our team has been dedicated to ensuring the smooth launch of the v0.12 upgrade, a pivotal step in enhancing Stratos blockchain and decentralized storage network’s capabilities. Simultaneously, we are actively forging connections with more AI and DePIN projects while working diligently to support existing partners.

1. Stratos and Dedium: Empowering Decentralized Computing on Cardano

We are thrilled to welcome Dedium to the Stratos ecosystem, a pioneering platform in decentralized GPU computing on the Cardano blockchain. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how computing power is utilized and monetized, empowering individuals and businesses alike.

Stratos provides robust decentralized storage solutions to support Dedium’s GPU computing network, enabling tasks such as 3D rendering, cloud gaming, machine learning, and AI computations.

2. Stratos and Soarchain Join Forces to Decentralize Mobility Data Storage

In another exciting development, Stratos has partnered with Soarchain to decentralize mobility data storage, addressing crucial privacy and scalability challenges in the mobility sector.

Stratos integrates its robust decentralized storage network with Soarchain’s innovative solutions, ensuring secure and scalable storage of mobility data, including vehicle telemetry, navigation data, and user preferences.



  • Stratos Chain v0.12 launched on Mainnet
  • SDS v0.12 launched on Mainnet
  • SDS Resources Node can be run on Apple M series Chips
  • Exoswap supports Stratos Chain Staking (will be launched soon)
  • Keplr wallet version v0.12.88 will support Stratos Chain
  • Migration tool for AWS S3 to SDS


  • Building Multichain Prepay bridge
  • Integration with Cosmos Dex
  • Prototyping SDD(Stratos Decentralized Database)

Following the launch of v0.12, we are preparing to release the Stratos SDS dashboard and a video streaming API demo. Additionally, the integration of Cosmos IBC will open doors to a broader ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with the Cosmos network, including platforms like Osmosis DEX. These advancements will enable Stratos to expand its reach and collaborations, onboarding more developers and projects effortlessly.

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