Stratos Monthly Report — February 2024

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2 min readMar 1, 2024


  1. Stratos partners with Artizyou to decentralize Intellectual Property — Collaborating with Artizyou, Stratos aims to decentralize intellectual property, marking a significant stride in empowering creators and protecting their rights.
  2. Stratos partners With for a decentralized AI on-chain data storage solution — In alliance with, Stratos is enhancing its data storage capabilities, paving the way for decentralized data processing, particularly benefiting on-chain AI applications.
  3. Stratos & YOM forge partnership to decentralize cloud gaming. The partnership will see the integration of Stratos’s infrastructure into YOM’s platform, reducing network latency and providing efficient caching solutions. This integration will enhance the gaming experience for users and unlock new possibilities in cloud gaming.



  1. Stratos Chain v0.12 test on devnet
  2. Exoswap Bridge test on v0.12
  3. IBC test on v0.12
  4. Explorer Update


  1. SDS v0.12 test on devnet
  2. Adding Stratos to Metamask Snap Cosmos wallet
  3. Adding Stratos to Cosmos Keplr wallet

The month of February has been marked by significant strides in expanding Stratos’s ecosystem through strategic partnerships aimed at decentralizing various sectors, from intellectual property to data storage and gaming. Despite facing challenges, we remain committed to our vision of building a decentralized future and fostering a vibrant community around the Stratos ecosystem. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates and developments in the coming months!

About Stratos:

Stratos is building the next-generation decentralised cloud that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network all in one. Stratos strives to become the most solid cornerstone of the new era of decentralisation, to power Dapps with a reliable and fully decentralised foundation. Stratos’ unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus rewards network participants and contributors with network traffic.

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