Stratos Monthly Report — April 2024

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3 min readMay 1, 2024



  1. Stratos and Nimble Network Partner To Empower Decentralized AI Infrastructure

We are excited to partner with Nimble Network, which will bring cutting-edge technology together to empower decentralized AI infrastructure. By combining Stratos’ cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions with the power of Nimble, Nimble gains access to a distributed network of storage nodes, improving data accessibility and reducing latency for AI processing tasks.

2. Stratos & Nettensor: Revolutionizing AI with Decentralized AppChain

By leveraging Stratos’ robust decentralized storage capabilities, we aim to significantly enhance the development and performance of Nettensor’s AppChain, ensuring secure and efficient data management for AI applications.

3. Stratos and Entangle Collaborate to Revolutionize Cross-Chain Data Decentralized Storage in Web3.

Stratos and Entangle create cross-chain data bridges that facilitate the secure and decentralized transfer of data between multiple blockchains. These bridges ensure data integrity, privacy, and transparency while expanding the reach and impact of decentralized storage solutions.

4. Stratos Partners With IoTeX To Strengthen Data Availability For DePIN.

The partnership between Stratos and IoTeX is focused on enhancing data availability within the IoTeX blockchain by integrating Stratos’ decentralized storage solutions. Stratos stands out for its comprehensive decentralized infrastructure, offering storage, computing, databases, and blockchain services with a strong emphasis on data sovereignty, efficiency, security, scalability, and reliability. This collaboration aims to improve data reliability and accessibility for IoTeX users, particularly in IoT applications, by providing consistent access to critical data for analysis and decision-making. Additionally, Stratos is supporting innovation in the IoTeX DePINSurf program by offering storage incentives, aiming to foster the adoption of its decentralized storage solutions in the global DePIN ecosystem.

5. Stratos Partners with Cluster Protocol: Empowering Decentralized AI Models with Data Dash and Computing

Through our collaboration, we provide developers and decentralized applications (dApps) with unmatched access to scalable, dependable, and decentralized infrastructure solutions. We are dedicated to fostering innovation and empowering developers to construct the next wave of decentralized applications and AI models utilizing data mesh and computing capabilities.

6. Our Founder, Bin, recently participated in Web3 events held in Singapore and Hong Kong, including the 2024 DePIN conference. There, he networked with industry leaders, raised awareness about the Stratos ecosystem, and forged connections with other projects in the space.



  • SDS v0.12 test on Devnet
  • Fix the issue using Keplr wallet with Stratos Chain; waiting for Keplr to accept our pull request.
  • Add Stratos to Ping.hub chain list, waiting pull request to be accepted.
  • Stratos Chain v0.12 key features auditing
  • Test v0.11 to v0.12 upgrade on Mesos Testnet


  • Testing Stratos Chain and SDS v0.12 on Mesos Testnet

We are in the final stages of testing on Mesos for this sprint and will promptly communicate the upgrade timeline to the community.

About Stratos:

Stratos is building the next-generation decentralised cloud that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network all in one. Stratos strives to become the most solid cornerstone of the new era of decentralisation, to power Dapps with a reliable and fully decentralised foundation. Stratos’ unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus rewards network participants and contributors with network traffic.

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