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2 min readSep 25, 2021
Stratos X DFG

This time let’s turn the spotlight to Digital Finance Group (DFG). Digital Finance Group (DFG) is a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm. DFG was founded in 2015 and has assets under management of over $1 billion.

“As a next-generation decentralized data mesh, Stratos provides the blockchain industry with a scalable, reliable, and self-balanced decentralized storage, database, and computing network which improves the infrastructure of the crypto world.

In addition, Stratos data mesh provides a very stable solution for Metaverse to establish a fully decentralized infrastructure, which is crucial for the current Metaverse ecology. In the relevant investment standards of DFG, the sector and popularity have always been a great reference. We will conduct in-depth research and long-term investment in the high-potential sector and high-quality projects. Stratos can make the blockchain industry and Web 3.0’s decentralized data adoption more convenient, which coincides with DFG’s focus on investing in the fundamentals of Web 3.0. We hope Stratos can bring us continuing unexpected surprises and growth in the thriving blockchain world.” — James Wo, Founder & CEO, DFG

DFG focuses on major areas, such as CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, and Web3.0, while continuously exploring investment opportunities in a booming market. Therefore, DFG has set up three strategically dedicated funds. A Venture Equity Fund that follows traditional methods of investment in valuable CeFi service providers, a Polkadot Ecosystem Fund that empowers its Web3.0 innovation, and a Crypto Fund that invests in promising solutions at an early stage.

DFG established the $20 million Polkadot Ecosystem Fund in 2020. Stratos would benefit from its growing network in the Polkadot ecosystem to collaborate with more Polkadot projects to accelerate the adoption of Stratos data mesh.

About Stratos

Stratos is the next generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network. Stratos is born for scaling blockchain process capacity while retaining the decentralized benefits of a distributed protocol including trustlessness, traceability, verifiability, privacy, and other competitive strengths.

Stratos is best positioned to support data storage and adoption for developers and users in this ever-expanding digital economy. Stratos strives to make decentralized data adoption easier for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0.

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Stratos Official

Building the next generation of decentralized data mesh for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0.