Stratos — Everything you need to know about Mining STOS

1. What is Stratos?

2. What are the different ways to mine STOS?

3. Is there a lock-up period for mining STOS?

4. Is there a lock-up period for the deposit of mining nodes?

5. What are the recommended hardware requirements for the resource nodes to mine Stratos ?

Recommended hardware requirements: CPU i5 4 cores, 16GB memory, 2TB hard disk, 100M bandwidth

6. What is STOS?

7. When can we start mining STOS?

8. Does STOS have a penalty mechanism?

9. In addition to holding STOS, for individual investors, does Stratos support personal PCs to participate in mining?

10. What is the Stratos token economy?

  1. With the expansion of the Stratos network, more and more people will prepay for the services provided by the Stratos network. Then, the price of “Ozone” (Ozone) will rise, which truly reflects the growth of demand.

11. How does Stratos’ unique PoT (Proof of Traffic) work?

12. How to obtain STOS tokens and how can token holders participate in the Stratos ecosystem and obtain growth dividends from it?

  • STOS can have deposit profits on Stratos blockchain nodes
  • If you plan to participate in Stratos blockchain nodes or resource nodes, you are required to deposit STOS
  • As the Stratos ecosystem continues to grow, the demand for STOS will rise, so holding STOS long-term itself will be a high return investment

13. When will Stratos be listed on CEX?

14. Who are the investors of Stratos?



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