Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS) Testnet is Now Live!

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4 min readOct 17, 2021
Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS) Testnet is Now Live!

Montreal — October 16th, 2021 — Stratos Network, provides next-generation decentralized storage, database, and computation solutions through decentralized Data Mesh.

Today, we are thrilled to open the Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS) testnet for public testing! This marks a significant milestone for Stratos team after months of dedicated work on design, development, testing, and fine-tuning every building piece of this unique offering. We are proud to announce the launch of SDS testnet and welcome everyone to test the functionality and provide feedback.

Stratos Decentralized Storage (SDS)

SDS is the abbreviation name of Stratos Decentralized Storage, SDS is designed to be a distributed file system suitable for running on general-purpose hardware. SDS is a highly fault-tolerant system, suitable for deployment on various servers or personal computers. It can provide high-throughput data access and is very suitable for large-scale data applications.

The Stratos testnet provides a test network for the Stratos team to do significant testing, performance benchmarking, and optimizations. The ultimate goal of this testnet is to evaluate SDS at scale and to fix any spotted issue during the period of public testing to prepare us for launching Stratos mainnet. We make sure Stratos codebase is open and free to use so that anyone can access, connect to the network, and use Stratos Decentralized Storage solution without any friction.

SDS testnet is mostly targeting three types of users:

💎 Prospective miners can get first-hand experience on the performance and hardware requirements by participating in the Stratos Resource Network providing their disk/bandwidth/computation power to earn rewards.

💎 Prospective storage users can seamlessly store and retrieve real data on the testnet with a high speed of uploading and downloading.

💎 Blockchain participants can choose to participate in Stratos Chain block generation by becoming a validator or simply start to build applications using Stratos APIs.

Setting up your own node

Stratos is the first decentralized data architecture that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation networks, and offers a solid foundation for data processing. Stratos-Chain is a Golang implementation of the Stratos protocol. For the users who are interested in setting up their own nodes on Stratos Chain, please follow the instructions on Stratos Official Github Repository. If you experience any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact us on Discord.

Stratos Wallet

Stratos will launch an in-house built wallet app to allow Stratos users to safely create their own wallets and manage their accounts, e.g. account creation, token transactions, receiving rewards, etc.

For a sneak peek of our wallet app, please visit our official YouTube channel to watch videos about how to set up your wallet and more.

Stratos Faucet

A Stratos Faucet functionality has been deployed with the testnet. It will allow users to request test tokens to use in their transactions. The Faucet is rate limited and can be only requested every 60 seconds. In order to use the faucet, the user needs a testnet address which can be generated using the Stratos Wallet app.

Break and Report!

Please refer to our SDS repo for more information on how to test SDS networks. We want you to break our testnet and report the issues that you experienced! Yes, we are serious about our project and the infrastructure we are creating for a decentralized ecosystem. Therefore, we invite you to break anything you can, including our protocol architecture, our network issues, and any security loopholes. Security is what we believe is one of the most important requirements for us to launch our main network. Thus, we won’t launch the Stratos mainnet until our protocol and implementations are being fully tested and believed to be secure.

Please report any issues to us on Discord.

Thank You ❤️

Stratos started at the beginning of this year with a core team, a clear vision, and a fast-growing community. Almost every day, we receive messages from the community asking about when they can start to use Stratos network and we are working hard every day to fulfill our community members’ expectations.

Now, we can finally say that we are launching our public testnet which marks our transition to another phase of our project which will be more exciting. It will be a phase for the rapid growth of our community, more Stratos products launch, validating protocol-market fit, and growing the Stratos ecosystem.

Above all, we will never forget that we wouldn’t have made it to this point this fast without early Stratonauts like you! Thank you for believing in us and your continuous support in the Stratos network. We are so happy and excited to begin this new chapter with you!

As always, stay tuned for next milestones and follow us on our official channel at:

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