Stratos Chain Testnet is now Live

We’re excited to launch the Stratos Chain Testnet. Stratos Testnet is now live and open-sourced on Github. With the release of Stratos Chain Testnet 1.0, we are one step closer to a more secure, more scalable and faster decentralized data infrastructure.

We welcome developers and community members to join the testnet as we continue to develop and improve.

You can connect to the Stratos Chain Testnet to run a test through

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More information on Stratos Chain Explorer, Wallet, and Stratos Decentralized Storage Testnet is coming soon.

About Stratos

Stratos is the next generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network. Stratos is born for scaling blockchain process capacity while retaining the decentralized benefits of a distributed protocol including trustlessness, traceability, verifiability, privacy, and other competitive strengths.

Stratos is best positioned to support data storage and adoption for developers and users in this ever-expanding digital economy. Stratos strives to make decentralized data adoption easier for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0.

Stay tuned for more info and follow us at:

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Stratos Official

Stratos Official

Building the next generation of decentralized data mesh for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0.