Stratos Bi-Weekly Progress Report: Mar 31, 2021 — Apr16, 2021

We have finished the Value Network ledger function development and started to add modules to handle Resource Network Decentralized Storage related integration with Value Network(Stratos Chain). The development of the Resource Network (Stratos Decentralized Storage) P2P layer is continuing.


  • Stratos Chain ledger functionalities
  • SDS node task pool
  • SDS file upload/ file download event handling
  • SDS File Upload transaction for Value Network to persist file hash for later validation
  • Stratos SDK framework


Stratos Chain:

  • Stratos Decentralized Storage(SDS) node registration module on Stratos Chain(SC)
  • SDS reward report and distribution Module on Stratos Chain
  • SDS payment module on Stratos Chain

Stratos Decentralized Storage:

  • SDS file slice upload/file slice download
  • SDS Relay Module to communicate with Stratos Chain
  • SDS account validation
  • SDS prepay module


  • Master key generation
  • Mnemonic word
  • HD key deviation

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is the next generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database and computation network. Stratos strives to make decentralized data adoption easier for everyone.

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