Stratos and Nimble Network Partner To Empower Decentralized AI Infrastructure

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3 min readApr 1, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Stratos and Nimble Network, two pioneers of decentralized AI data infrastructure.

Stratos: Revolutionizing Decentralized Storage

At Stratos, our mission is to provide fully decentralized, high-performance DePIN infrastructure tailored for Web3 projects and builders. Our Stratos D-cloud offers a suite of tools, including storage, computation, database, and blockchain services that liberate projects from centralized dependencies, offering robust infrastructure capabilities that elevate platform performance and decentralization. Notably, our storage network’s performance has surpassed that of centralized clouds like Google Drive, showcasing its reliability and efficiency. This integration will enable Nimble to access Stratos’ highly efficient and secure decentralized storage solutions tailored to their AI processing requirements.

One of our key innovations is the Proof-of-Traffic consensus mechanism, which incentivizes network node providers through real-time file usage and traffic metrics. This ensures optimal performance and encourages active participation in our decentralized ecosystem.

Nimble Network: Powering Composable AI

Nimble Network, led by a team of experienced AI experts from industry giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, and Robinhood, is pioneering the Composable AI Protocol. Nimble is building an aggregation layer for AI, enabling enterprise-grade AI to be powered by on-chain infrastructure.

By enabling composability for AI models, compute resources and training data, Nimble Network empowers developers to harness the collective expertise of global AI engineers, public data aggregators, and distributed infrastructure providers. This opens up a world of possibilities for building bespoke applications and custom models without the hefty infrastructure costs associated with big tech players.

DePIN projects like Stratos can provide access to computing, and Nimble will match them with AI models that need training or deployment.

Joining Forces for a Decentralized AI Infrastructure

Together, Stratos and Nimble Network are poised to revolutionize the landscape of AI data infrastructure. By combining Stratos’ cutting-edge decentralized storage solutions with the power of Nimble, Nimble gains access to a distributed network of storage nodes, improving data accessibility and reducing latency for AI processing tasks. Stratos’ scalable storage solutions can accommodate Nimble’s growing data storage and management needs, ensuring the platform remains agile and responsive to evolving AI development requirements.

By providing Nimble with decentralized storage capabilities, we aim to empower their AI processing platform with efficient, scalable, and secure storage solutions. This will enable AI projects to focus on innovation and deliver value to their users.

About Stratos:

Stratos is building the next-generation decentralised cloud that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network all in one. Stratos strives to become the most solid cornerstone of the new era of decentralisation, to power Dapps with a reliable and fully decentralised foundation. Stratos’ unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus rewards network participants and contributors with network traffic.

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