Introducing Stratos: Decentralized Data Mesh for Web 3.0

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5 min readApr 15, 2021

The past year was groundbreaking when it comes to the global adoption of blockchain technology. Digital assets have finally started to become widespread, and the interest in cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high.

As the blockchain industry continues to expand in 2021, DeFi and NFT become the fastest growing sector in crypto. However, providing secure data infrastructure across platforms is still a challenge for many developers and users. Stratos is here to change it by providing a decentralized data mesh solution designed to elevate the data infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem to the next level.

The Data Problem in the Blockchain Industry

At first glance, blockchain looks like the perfect solution to storing data. However, blockchain technology was originally conceived with only one type of data: the records of financial transactions.

Traditional blockchains aren’t really well-suited to store other kinds of data, and especially to interconnect different data types with each other. Because of that, many people don’t consider blockchain is an efficient decentralized database for many complicated use cases.

How to Improve Decentralized Data Infrastructure

A decentralized database solution well-suited to the DeFi age has to address the three main issues troubling the decentralized storage ecosystem:

Simple Data Schema

Blockchain-based decentralized clouds currently existing on the market aren’t suited to support different kinds of data; trying to merge together a large number of data types creates problems. The data structures defined by smart contracts are very limited.

Inefficient Operation

Blockchains invented for recording financial transactions and results, when retrieving data with various conditions becomes extremely difficult. Even using smart contracts to define more flexible data structure, the retrieval is limited once it’s created, there is no possibility to update the schema and scale.

Writing performance is unsatisfactory as well, any data written to the blockchain requires the consensus process which causes second to minute pause.

Expensive Storage

The content in each blockchain node is identical, any data written to the blockchain will be synchronized to thousands of nodes resulting in the costly storage of the blockchain.

Stratos: Data Infrastructure for the Decentralized Age

Stratos is a new type of data infrastructure designed to provide a trustless solution for decentralized storage which allows blockchain developers to get rid of monopolized centralized cloud services. Stratos’s decentralized data mesh enables scalable, reliable, self-balanced next-generation data storage, making retrieving data from the blockchain simple, efficient and flexible regardless of the data size.

Stratos makes decentralized data management easier for everyone. From developers and users of innovative NFT,DeFi,andDApp projects, through communities based on decentralized governance and traditional enterprises requiring CDN services, up to providers of smart home solutions utilizing edge computing — everyone can benefit from an efficient decentralized cloud that doesn’t require massive storage and content acceleration.

The First Decentralized Data Mesh Service

Stratos is designed as a virtual mesh for both structured and unstructured data, which makes it much more flexible and cost-efficient than a typical decentralized database.

As we’re heading to Web 3.0, an open, trustless and permissionless network. Stratos strives to build a fundamental service to support the adoption of blockchain in Web 3.0, which helps create more intelligent, connected, and open websites.

Key Features of Stratos:

● Support data of all types and sizes

● Lightning fast data upload and retrieval

● Scalable, self-adapt database

● Permanent, accelerated, high availability storage

● Close to user

● Community-driven, organic growth

● Support for domain-specific language in both blockchain smart contract and computation

● Fully integrated platform

What Applications Is Stratos Starting With?

NFT Marketplace

Stratos enhances the NFT ecosystem by providing stable, efficient, and private data mesh services for NFT projects. Storing your encrypted art piece on Stratos’ distributed data mesh adds an extra security layer to your NFTs by protecting their metadata. Stratos NFT Marketplace allows for an efficient, trustworthy exchange of data and transfer of digital product ownership, but also allows the owner to keep the ownership and trade the right of use to the customer.

Stratos NFT Marketplace not only allows for an efficient, trustworthy exchange of data and transfer of digital product ownership but also allows the owner to keep the ownership and trade the usage permission to the customer.

Oracle Service Powered by Stratos Network

Stratos’s decentralized data storage and distributed data mesh provide a solid foundation for creating a decentralized oracle service. Stratos guarantees that the source, transfer and storage of data is efficient and secure.

Aggregated API for Blockchain Data

Data stored and processed on the Stratos virtual data mesh can be reliably secured and efficiently retrieved. The Decentralized Data API provides the users with an easy-to-use interface that enables smoothly retrieving data and easily executing predefined data processing tasks through the data API service.

What to Expect Next?

We will publish the Token Economy paper of our Resource Network on how our unique Proof-of-Traffic consensus will drive the growth of Stratos Ecosystem.

The Stratos Value Network Testnet will be released in the middle of June together with the explorer to browse the value network blocks and transactions, followed by the release of wallet on Testnet by end of June. The community can start to become familiar with our API/RPC and transactions together with other ledger-related features.

Followed by our Value network, we will release our Resource Network Testnet in July. We will invite some partners to join the testnet to get the first-hand experience of Stratos Decentralized Storage.

A few demo applications will be released for public trial on the storage infrastructure in Q3 2021. Stratos NFT marketplace will be built on our Value Network Testnet and Resource Network Testnet, it will be the perfect showcase on how the blockchain industry can benefit from Stratos Data Mesh by fully utilizing our value network together with our Resource Network.

Founder of Stratos Bin Zhu said: “ With my past experience building the entire big data ecosystem serving billions of users at MindGeek, I strongly believe that the scalability and high availability of the system infrastructure fundamentally determine how strong the application system can be and how far it can go. Team Stratos strives to incorporate our strong capabilities and years of experience in top-notch enterprise-level infrastructure design and development into decentralized storage, database and computing services for the blockchain industry. Stratos aims to provide a solid foundation for the continuous development of the entire blockchain industry.

There is more to come including Stratos Smart Contracts and additional applications to be built on Stratos. Stay tuned!

About Stratos

Stratos is the next generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database and computation network. Stratos strives to make decentralized data adoption easier for everyone.

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