By Bin Zhu, Founder of Stratos

The Meaning of Our Name ‘Stratos’

The name Stratos comes from the word ‘stratosphere’. The stratosphere is an important layer of the earth’s atmosphere. The bottom of the stratosphere is 10 km above the ground, 8 km at the poles, and its upper boundary is about 50 km above the ground. The air in the stratosphere mainly flows in the horizontal direction, while the flow of air in the vertical direction is weak, so the layers of air are stable and there is almost no vertical convection.

Stratos is the infrastructure for decentralized services. If I can compare the earth to the blockchain ecosystem, then Stratos…

The past year was groundbreaking when it comes to the global adoption of blockchain technology. Digital assets have finally started to become widespread, and the interest in cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high.

As the blockchain industry continues to expand in 2021, DeFi and NFT become the fastest growing sector in crypto. However, providing secure data infrastructure across platforms is still a challenge for many developers and users. Stratos is here to change it by providing a decentralized data mesh solution designed to elevate the data infrastructure of the blockchain ecosystem to the next level.

The Data Problem in the Blockchain Industry

At first glance, blockchain looks…

Since launching our Stratos Chain Testnet, we have received a lot of great feedback and questions from our community. Our team is following up to answer these questions and keep testing with more edge cases to make the testnet even more secure and stable. We are also investing a lot of time and effort to make more documentation available, as well as provide troubleshooting guides to better engage with our future users, developers and miners. Some key components of our Stratos Decentralized Storage are also being completed, including SDS P2P key, Simulation for SDS, and Browser-based video streaming.


  • Stratos Chain…

What is Stratos?

The name Stratos comes from the word ‘stratosphere’. Stratos is the infrastructure for decentralized services, and if we can compare the earth to the blockchain ecosystem, then Stratos is the stratosphere surrounding the blockchain atmosphere, providing the blockchain applications with decentralized storage, decentralized database, and decentralized computing services.

What is our mission at Stratos?

Stratos aims to be a solid infrastructure for the entire blockchain industry in a decentralized manner. Stratos offers Blockchain, Storage, database, and Computation services, the user and developers can combine the 4 different services together to customize their own product.

The goal of Stratos is to be the foundation (Decentralized Cloud) of…

Stratos has multiple great news to share! First, we published our Stratos Token Economy paper. Second, The Stratos Chain Testnet is live and open-sourced! These are very important milestones for the Stratos team and our community. In the meantime, our dev team has made a lot of progress over the last two weeks in both Stratos Chain and Stratos Decentralized Storage. Stratos team will continue to make our vision into a solid decentralized data infrastructure.


  • Stratos Chain Governance Module
  • STOS Token unit and Ozone unit
  • PoT reward distribution
  • Stratos Chain Testnet infrastructure
  • SDS relay transactions


Stratos Chain:

  • Updating various documentation

We’re excited to launch the Stratos Chain Testnet. Stratos Testnet is now live and open-sourced on Github. With the release of Stratos Chain Testnet 1.0, we are one step closer to a more secure, more scalable and faster decentralized data infrastructure.

We welcome developers and community members to join the testnet as we continue to develop and improve.

You can connect to the Stratos Chain Testnet to run a test through

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More information on Stratos Chain Explorer, Wallet, and Stratos Decentralized Storage Testnet is coming…

We are extremely proud to publish the long-awaited Stratos Token Economy paper.

Stratos, as the next generation of Decentralized Data Mesh, heavily rely on community participation to maintain self-sustainability. We propose here a Troposphere Economy Model which revolves around the following 3 parties. to achieve its business value

  1. Resource/Meta Node miners
  2. End users
  3. Blockchain participants

Deep dive into the full-version of Stratos Token Economy from here and learn more about how to participate in growing Stratos ecosystem.

About Stratos

Stratos is the next generation of decentralized Data Mesh that provides a scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database, and computation network. Stratos…

Stratos dev team is working hard to get the Stratos Chain Testnet to be launched within the next few weeks and we are focusing on the final testing of the entire SC Testnet. In the meantime, the team is also working on the implementation of the Wallet and browser based video player. In order to provide better visibility and clarity, a lot of efforts are made on the documentation on GitHub as well. We have finished traffic records and aggregation, relay of the transactions on Stratos Decentralized Storage.


  • SDS nodes query on Stratos Chain
  • Explorer Update
  • SDS Traffic Records
  • SDS…

Stratos is thrilled to announce our partnership with Prosper, a short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform. Prosper’s platform includes interoperability elements from different networks across the blockchain ecosystem.

Stratos offers a number of incredibly useful services which can help to elevate the Prosper platform. Stratos decentralized data mesh allows for rapid computation to better improve their prediction infrastructure and platform functionality, and the immutability provided by the Stratos decentralized storage ensures the integrity of critical internal data such as payment histories no matter the situation. …

We are delighted to announce that Stratos is joining hands with Coinversation Protocol to power DeFi user data with Stratos decentralized storage. Coinversation will deploy and run web pages on Stratos and will store user data using Stratos decentralized storage.

Through this cooperation, Stratos will provide Coinversation Protocol with secure and scalable decentralized storage services to store important user and transaction data, ensuring the ownership of these encrypted data belong to the customer themselves. Coinversation Dapp will also be deployed on Stratos Decentralized Data Mesh to assure the running codes are stored in a secure yet decentralized environment.

Why Stratos

Decentralized cloud…

Stratos Official

Building the next generation of decentralized data mesh for the blockchain industry and Web 3.0.

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